Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Colorful in the Cold (from Claire's)

Claire's always has collections that match my style mood! I don't know how that happens, because I decide I like something, then go to Claire's and see it, so, I don't know.... I think they're copying me! ;)

Anyways, I love Fair Isle knitwear right now. (Actually, I've been knitting 24/7 lately... so this makes sense.)

 I also love bright highlighter colors:
                                                       These are adorable!

 And don't forget some fun accessories:
                                                       This ombre fringe is a necklace! Very my sister's style, I think...

The collection can be found HERE.

Question: Are you eager for the holiday season or hanging on to Fall? I was in Walmart the other day, and they were playing Christmas music! I confess I got excited bought a few early Christmas presents :)



  1. I love Fall/Winter clothes.. Truth is.. I just have thin to no summer clothes..

    Thats how much I love winter and Fall!!!

  2. love the yellow gloves! & pink hat, so fun <3


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