Friday, December 9, 2011

Wolf Ears Hat....

I've been knitting like a mad women lately... mostly on these adorable Wolf Ear hats! I've made three already...

My lovely friend Brooke is modeling, and yes, she's receiving one for Christmas too! I guess my gift giving is a tad predictable... ;)

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          I'm also knitting a lot of hats for charity: to be specific, for the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. To quote Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation's website, "Unemployment is over 80%, the weather is extreme, and families struggle mightily with crushing financial, housing, health, educational and social issues." My family recently watched "Children of the Plains: a Hidden America" (which was a 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer and can be watched here), and it really touched us. There are great needs here in our own country, that very few have ever heard of!

        It's heartbreaking to learn what these children go through. But at the same time, uplifting to see there dreams, hopes and aspirations. One 12-year-old boy hopes to be the first Native American President, for example.

        So I would really recommend you watch "Children of the Plains" sometime this Christmas season. Here's a bit:
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      God bless! :)


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  1. I saw that on T.V. It's so sad!
    That's awesome that you're doing something to help. Keep up the great work and God Bless!


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